Part 3: The Sugar Busters Diet

The Sugar Busters Diet book was written by three medical doctors and went on to sell over 100,000 copies by word of mouth alone. The diet essentially is a take off of several other low carb diets that came before it. The idea is to eliminate sources of high glycemic index carbohydrates in order to lower insulin in the blood. For more information about the effects of insulin as it relates to fat storage, read my article Insulin: The Fat Hormone to understand how insulin affects fat storage.

The one good thing about the Sugar Busters Diet is that unlike other low carb diets there are less restrictions. You are not required to completely restrict carbs like the atkins diet and the diet can be fairly high in carbohydrates, depending on which foods you choose. According to the authors the diet consists of about 40% carbohydrates but you are not restricted to eating that amount.

The diet does not follow a detailed structure of how to eat but instead offers guidelines for meals in regards to portion size, food composition, and times you should eat. The downside is that there is very little information on how to tailor the diet to your own needs.

Is the Sugar Busters Diet legitimate?

Short answer: Yes

What I like most about this book is it is a good primer to understanding which foods you should and should not eat. If you are thinking about learning how to eat healthier carbs and want some basic information then the Sugar Busters Diet is a decent place to start.

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