body fat monitor

Trying to Lose Fat?

Then you need a scale that tells you more than just weight.

Does your scale tell you your body fat percentage?

Well now it can. I went through and checked out a bunch of body fat monitor scales and was amazed at how far they’ve come since I bought my first hand held body fat analyzer.

If you want an accurate way to track your body fat percentage then you definitely need to check these out. Any person who is serious about making progress should really invest in one of these body fat monitor scales.

Body Fat Monitor Scales - Top Picks

body fat monitor
  1. Tanita Body Fat Monitor With Body Water %

    Tanita's new Scale plus Body Fat monitors with Body Water % calculate body water levels using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA), the same highly accurate method used in all our body fat monitoring products.

    • Tracks 10 previous weight and body fat% readings with calendar date.
    • Easy-to-read 2.25" 2-line display.
    • 4-person memory with athlete mode.
    • Power: AA batteries x 4 (included).
    • Capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg).
    • Weight Increments: 0.2 lbs.
    • Body Fat Increments: .1 %.
    • Modes: Adult, Children, Athlete.
    • Memory: 4 people.

  2. Body Fat Monitor Scale
  3. Homedics Body Fat Monitor Scale

    The Homedics body fat monitor and scale uses BIA to measure body fat to the 1.0% and has up to 4 user memories. It has a 300-lb weight capacity and is designed with an LCD readout and body fat range graph.

    • Uses BIA to measure body fat to the 1.0%
    • Up to 4 user memories
    • 0.8 in LCD readout
    • Body fat range graph
    • 300 lb weight capacity
    • Reads to the 0.5 lb
    • Scale only mode-instant on and auto zero
    • Requires one 9 volt batter (not included)

  4. Omron Body Fat Monitor
  5. Omron HBF-306 BodyLogic Pro Hand Held Body Fat Monitor

    Omron Body Logic body fat body fat monitors accurately measure body fat percentage in only 7 seconds!

    • Slim design for easy travel
    • Comfortable contoured design and large LCD readout for ease of use
    • Advanced technology for fast and accurate results
    • Advanced technology for fast and accurate results
    • Storage of up to 9 personal data profiles
    • Includes athlete mode and body mass index reading
    • Displays body fat percentage in only 7 seconds!

I've personally used the Omron for several years now but after seeing the Tanita body fat monitor scale I think it's time for a change. Any one serious about losing weight should make buying a body fat monitor a number 1 priority.

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